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Welcome to Journalism Workshops | Journalism Workshops

Journalism Workshops provides information and training for students and journalist. Good journalism is vital to maintaining a free, open and informed society. Hopefully this site can be a resource for anyone wanting to become a journalist or working journalist wanting to improve their skills. On this site you will find a list of upcoming workshops, self guided workshop training guides, resources and news about journalism training.

Workshop Guides

Each guide will follow the Learn It, Do It, Review It philosophy. The first section will provide some basic information on the subject to learn, the next will be an assignment to do and the last will be guidelines to help you review your own work.

These workshop guides are not intended to replace a traditional journalism school education. There is nothing that compares to learning from, working with and getting feed back from skilled instructors and mentors. The guides should be used as a supplement to your schooling and a skill building resource. For those of you without the resources for a traditional education, these guides can provide a starting point for a self study journalism education.

Walking Workshops

Brian Paris runs hands on workshops so that you can get practical experience with the skills needed for today’s multimedia reporting. The best way to learn is to get out and do it. Before meeting, you will be given a short handout that gives some basic information to get you up and running on the subject. The workshops start with a short lesson with training and goals for the day. Then we go out to put the lesson into action. You’ll be using the skills you learned in the lesson to produce your own work. Brian will be out with you to answer questions and to give feedback and suggestions. The last part of the workshop is left open for review, questions and comments. Feel free to contact Brian Paris if you have suggestions for a future workshop.

Training News

In the news section you can find articles about journalism, training, gear reviews and inspirational examples of journalism on the net. In addition to the news section on this site you can check out the Journalism Workshops Tumblr page to get more frequent post and reblogs.


Please check out the resources page for links to other sites, equipment recommendations and training guides for multimedia journalism. There are also links to videos on Vimeo and YouTube.

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